Tunungua Farms

Get to know us

Since 2008, Tunungua Farms (pronounced: too-noon-gwa) has developed 9 farms growing a various tropical fruits & timbers.


Our farms are located just 5 degrees north of the equator in Tunungua de Boyacá, Colombia. The perpetual spring weather enjoyed by the region provides year round harvest for most of our products. This advantage has made the region well known as the world’s largest exporter of coffee, flowers and varieties of tropical fruits.


We are also conveniently located at the center of Colombia’s newly formed Eco-Tourism route connecting Bogota & Medellin; Colombia’s two largest cities. This provides our farms with easy access to markets in both cities, 2 international airports and 3 convenient sea ports.


In 2019, we will be expanding our passion fruit crop by an 50 acres, supplying more than 500 tons of passion fruit to international market annually. Additionally, we plan to re-open the Tunungua Farms Eco-Resort this summer and look forward to seeing you there!

Our Team

Charles Miller
Operations Director
Rosalba Torres
General Manager
Alejandro Martinez
Business Manager
Paulino Vergara
Farm Manager
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