What makes us special

Quality from Seed to Market

We take great pride in growing only the highest quality tropical fruits. The process starts from the ground up by investing in properties with the best organic soils. Our greenhouse technicians then select and transplant only the healthiest of seedlings to the field.


Once planted in the field each tree, vine, plant and bush is inspected by hand and cared for individually by our agriculture technicians. At harvest time each of our fruits are hand picked, checked for quality and packaged to provide our customers only the highest quality tropical fruits.





What We Grow

Dragon Fruit

The “King” of the Super Fruits making the list of the Top 10 Exotic, Top 10 Gourmet & Top 10 Healthiest Super Fruits!

Hass Avocado

Considered one of the worlds healthiest foods; even an Avocados unusually healthy fat content helps lower risk of heart disease.


If Dragon Fruit is the “King” of the Super Fruits, Guava is the “Queen”. Higher in Vitamin C than oranges and Guavas reduce the risk of cancer.

Passion Fruit

We grow both yellow & purple passion fruit. The yellow passion fruit is larger but the purple has a higher proportion of juice.


With delicious pulp, tones of fruit candy and smooth cream Soursop is common in tropical markets, and helps reduce the risk of cancer.


The best high-grown premium Arabica Colombian coffee beans with a classic mild, fruity flavor that is perfectly smooth and easy-drinking.


For thousands of years, pure Cacao has been used to nourish the body, thanks to a rich variety of critical antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Star Fruit

Star Fruit can delight you with its star shape and is a favorite in upscale restaurants. Star fruit is low calorie and enriched with vitamin C & fibers.

Why Tunungua Farms?

Highest Quality

By combining the latest in organic growing technologies combined with ``Good Ole Fashioned`` hand cultivation we guarantee the highest quality tropical fruits.

Best Price

We provide our customers with local market priced tropical fruits to any destination world wide. No extra charges or fees.

Experienced & Dependable

Our Family has been growing tropical fruits in Latin America for generations and Tunugua Farms has been exporting worldwide since 2008.

Our Team

Charles Miller
Operations Director
Rosalba Torres
General Manager
Alejandro Martinez
Business Manager
Paulino Vergara
Farm Manager
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